Galaxy Games Online 1.1!?
What's this, you ask? A new version of GGO? Promised to be the greatest program in the world and then some? (Well, perhaps not that, but better than the most recent version of GGO! :D) Well, I invite you to join in and register your interest for the GGO 1.1 beta project!

We need your help to develop a community, with the tools and support to attract new players, as well as help old ones. Then, with a touch of pixie dust and tapping our red shoes together, we might have one of the greatest RPG clients on the face of the planet. :D

In the future, this page will have more informaton about the Beta project, including public demos. But, for now, please refer to the forums thread:

Thank you so much for the community support you guys (and gals) have provided, and I hope we can get GGO to work well, and get lots of players on for some fun games :)

Jevon Wright