Build History
What's new in build 83

- keyboard shortcuts for dice rolls, etc. (eg. alt-0 = 1d100)
- clicking on buttons now sets focus to text box
- saves last directory setting now =)
- settings to choose if chat log auto save is on, and interval of it
- double clicking your nickname now opens your information thingee
- attempted fix at bug #116, clients changing data doesnt show proper action
- made settings dialog look kewl-as! =)
- added a bunch of settings, namely
  - game window displays your nickname
  - autosave log buffer
  - when loading, use nickname
  - enable other people's colours
- changed treeview font -> tahoma
- still to do: change all fonts -> tahoma, will make it look kewl :)
- compile: exe size: 192 kb, line count: 7,476

What's new in build 84

- pause button for text box - pause the chat to copy stuff, etc :)
- bug #119 - /me whispering bug
- bug #103 - whispering to self (whisper index = connect index) fixed
- moved connection settings to main settings form
- options button on main form now goes to main settings thingy
- added "main" button on play form, shows main form
- added "hide" button on main form, hides the main form (duh), but only if play form is visible
- option to hide main form when going into game etc
- added a notes form! its so kewl :)
- played around and fixed a damn annoying bug thing with saving the size of the play form
- word wrap in notes! option in settings > misc
- compile: exe size: 200 kb, line count: 7,839

What's new in build 85

- quickly enabled TCP Host
- BIG bug: won't save font/colour options *sigh*

What's new in build 86

- fixed the options > colour bug
- bug #129 - added prompt for save option for notes
- rewrote the play form command1 chat procedure (better)
- auto /me /me thing fixed
- bug #128 - smiley face ":) text" becomes action, fixed
- bug #125 - whispering when auto /me is on, fixed
- bug - when nickname = "", now actions show username
- bug - actions in whispering now works (and also when nickname = "", it uses username)
- bug #122 - clicking notes doesn't focus to chat box, fixed
- chat display presets loaded (select from default, webrpg, timedated)
- added /nick command (/nick )
- tried speeding up loading of settings dialog
- added option to write settings to file when settings saved (#123)
- too lazy to do any more. lol

What's new in build 87

- bug - weird text when whispering to server - hopefully fixed
- bug - chat history re-enabled
- bug #130 - invalid command status messages, fixed
- new feature, right click nick on nicklist, whisper option

What's new in build 88
- bug - hopefully fixed cut not working (by write action before deleting)
- added icons in the treeview
- when connect, client now sends version info (build #) as well

What's new in build 89

- automatic latest build downloading thingee

What's new in build 90

- fixed a bug where build was > recent build, it would say download latest one
- made server build 10.
- line count: 8,803
- re-arranged main form, added motd thing
- cut and paste sucks!
- fixed cut and paste (infinite loops suck)
- icons now show current gm
- option to show your icon as blue
- added shortcut keys to about (a), main (i) and notes (n)

What's new in build 91

- a new element rendering routine! it should be a lot faster, and is easier to update
  - beta version, please report any and all bugs to Jevon
  - but, it's about 25% faster already
- the start of a new feature - the random name generator
- put a lot of names in - celtic, saints, and roman mythical gods (total: 1706 names)
- updated url in about box (
- added hosting: credit in about box (thanks Sarah =))
- bug #143 - roll is not enabled for main sheet any more
- added a new whisper syntax - /msg   (under development)
- added new option, auto "auto /me" when you change your nickname to blank
- added chat log file information thing in settings dialog
- added copy chat log location to clipboard in settings dialog
- added bug report and notes into tools
- fixed a bug where checkboxes wouldnt want to display properly
- fixed checkbox value saving bug when checkbox is first made
- fixed a weird bug (hopefully) where clients would be sent all thousand elements!?
- fixed some funny nickname change bugs
- fixed the bug where you could edit the settings treeview labels
- fixed a lot more miscallaneous bugs
- added completely working (i hope) dynamic text box resizing code stuff! its so kewl!
  - fixes bugs 140 and others
- in tabbers, the contents are now centered!!
- only sheet bug currently known: text boxes are changed when new elements added
- fixed some bugs with text boxes
- fixed the bug where adding stuff might make sheets look weird when re-viewed
- fixed a lot of undo button bugs
- tip: you can hover your mouse over the "save" button in notes and it will show the
  file path that it is being saved to

What's new in build 92

- some more text box rendering bug fixes (damn them to hell!)
- added option for not displaying invalid /cmd's in chat
- fixed move up/down bugs
- hopefully fixed a delete bug where deleting things would make weird funky things happen
  - i might have accidentally killed things in the process, please tell me if things dont work!
- added option to display IP address when hosting (useful for TCP host)
- fixed a bug where the chatlog autosave wouldnt go to any other setting
- added customisable dice macro buttons
- added option for file size on notes dialog
- added option for double click treeview opens up sheets
- BRACKETS in dice rolls!! completely recursive dice rolling! it rocks!!
- added a statistics form (about > statistics)
- added statistics logging functions
- now includes sample character sheet
- fixed a bug where minimising a character sheet would cause an error

What's new in build 93

- hopefully fixed a tabber rendering bug (not sure)
- fixed a bug where text boxes would not have captions
- fixed bugs where someone's colour would be sent every time they save settings
- fixed some stupid default dice macro bugs
- added an option to also ignore single word invalid commands
- statistics window now aligns in the center of the screen
- added disclaimer button back to about box (sorry sarah! =))
- added actual instruction text into the name generator box
- made basically all the text tahoma font
- removed some debug stuff, it's not really needed
- added two new elements, wrapped large strings and wrapped big blocks of text!
- updated new item menu a bit
- averted a scenario where all previously made character sheets would be rendered useless
  - it's hard to move the order of elements! its, like, impossible... lol
- re-enabled error handling in UpdateOjbect again
- made the first ever distribution .exe for ggo! (i love ya nsis! =b)
- over 14,476 lines of code in ggo!

What's new in build 94

- fixed the stupid bug where wrapped text boxes wouldnt save!
- fixed the bugs where the incorrect sheet images would be displayed
- fixed an incredibly stupid bug where double clicking on sheets to view would always load
  sheet number 0
- fixed a bug where clients changing nicknames wouldnt display
- fixed a bug where the action status window would do weird things with long strings of text
- fixed (hopefully) bugs where the client wouldn't connect, it would do weird stuff
- fixed (hopefully) a bunch of bugs with people joining, changing nick names, and so on
- known bug: if you close ggo without closing the notes thing first, the size of the window
  wont be saved
- ggo now has a title of "Galaxy Games Online" in windows terminology

What's new in build 95

- fixed quickly a bug with a run out of memory error

What's new in build 96

- added keyboard shortcuts on notes
- clicking on the say button now sets focus to the chat box (if enabled)
- game host can change game gm/info as well as the gm now
- saving notes now refreshes the file size indicator too (if enabled)
- new statistics, now it counts number of games joined/hosted/offline
- a stupid bug in saving sheets fixed (some sheets will now be about 80% smaller in file size)
- the uninstaller now removes start menu items as well! damn the installer is kewl!! =)
  - (i still love ya nsis! =b)
- made new sheet and tabber icons, so to not anger the webrpg ppl :)
- added feature for the server to issue reconnection notices
- added the "Dice:" thing in front of the dice toolbar
- added the option for "Debug mode" (although not generally recommended)
- when reconnecting, game information is now resent to the server
- updated sample sheet

What's new in build 97

- changed default server to - thanks Sarah's =)
- added game descriptions, i hope they work right
- fixed a possible bug for changing data
- hopefully fixed a bug with saving data screws up sheet elements
- hopefully fixed bugs where adding/loading sheets deletes information
- stats will only increase now if there has been active chat activity for the last 2 minutes
  - (that'll stop you ppl! =b)
- play window now saves if maximised/restored and it saves previous state as well
- fixed a bug where the program would roll over and die if you change your nickname without
  being in a game
- stats now counts number of smileys chatted!
  - smileys: :) =) :D =D =b :b :p :P :d =P =d
- support for a ton of generators now!
- fixed a bug where renaming and cancelling would make things go crazy
- fixed bug where too many ")" would say "not numeric"
- fixed a bug where too many dice macros would make "dice:" disappear
- fixed a bug where trying to view a tabber with no sheets caused errors
- fixed a bug where typing in something like "%_" would give a space
- a new treeview element routine, which may or may not be better... it will give a lot of bugs,

What's new in build 98

- fixed the dice bug, it now rolls the proper one ;)
- tooltips added to dice buttons
- tried fixing the insynchronousy of the winsock, didnt work, bah!
- hopefully fixed where changing your nickname would make the treeview go mad
- fixed bugs with people having special characters in their nickname... hopefully
- added "/join " command
- added a funky tcp join dialog box
  - saves a record of the last ip's you've joined

What's new in build 99

- tcp join window now aligns in the center of the screen
- if "/join" command is cancelled, it does not come up as chat
- added the "settings are shown on top" option (modal or not modal)
- added "reset stats" button (statistics window)
- fixed the whisper combo and /whisper command playing with each other
- anti-cheat for smiley count: no more than 10 smileys in one line will be counted
- the treeview doesnt flicker (putting doevents in generating the treeview is a stupid, stupid idea)
- "mute" option (very funky)
- fixed a big bug where when someone changed their nickname, the server sent all users to them

What's new in build 100

- fixed the stupid bug where at least 10 smileys would be added per line chatted... oops!
- made the character sheets have icons in the windows
- if /join is typed in with no parameters, brings up tcp join window
- when games are joined/hosted/offline, the dice macros are now refreshed
- dice edit for the gm ("Ch" button)
- /host command, hosts a game
- fixed bug where /nick xxx when in whisper to someone would send xxx to that person
- tcp join passwording! however only really works with ggo build 100+
- added the awesome gm can change other peoples' nicknames!
- tried to fix a bug where sometimes changing gm wouldnt display on treeview
- sometime i fixed the bug where /msg in whisper mode wouldnt message to the whisper reciever...
- fixed the bad bug that if gm was changed, the old gm would still have the edit dice button =b
- added a multiple whisper option! its quite kewl :)
- added reset play window co-ordinates button (settings > settings)
- implemented defaults (simplistic but effectual)
- added the start of a funky "thanks to" box (sorry mr. disclaimer! you've been moved)
- added a damn funky icon to the play window
- oops, ive missed something
- added a sleep function
  - minimises the window
  - on events, the title of the window changes
  - the title bar even flashes! its so funky
- added the option for flashing titlebar
- added an elite change play window background option... only i know how to do it! mwahaha!!
- removed the "only gm is allowed to view/edit sheets" options, as this doesnt really work
- added two funky icons for the dice -> gm and dice edit buttons! theyre so kewl
- changed the pause button to a funky green one
- fixed a spelling mistake in the statistics > reset ("deserver"?)
- i think ive fixed a bug where when sheets were saved, the server's sheets would resize itself
  all weirdly
- i also think ive fixed a bug of text boxes getting to small, getting compressed in frames,
  etc (i think it works fine!)

What's new in build 101

- stats > reset now resets # generations as well (oops)
- new statistic: surprised (number of times you've pressed "surprise me")
- stats window now shows number of generations
- attempted to fix a bug where if you were the server, game info updates wouldnt show
- if the gm is changed from you, and you had dice edit on, it's now taken off automatically :b
- added starting functionality for external applcations, editors, etc.
  - it uses a revolutionary crc checking system to make sure that data files are not tampered
    with, etc.
  - data files are stored in \external
- made the first rgf editor! build 3
  - has save, open, new
  - has an embedded help file
  - has a message which pops up on first use
  - takes up external slot 0 - can be run from ggo, or run by itself
- added an option to load external applications (recommended)
  - added documentation about external apps

What's new in build 102

- the generator now says "(no ... found)" not "(no names found)" when no datas are found
- the generate button is set as default now
- change nickname doesnt kill someone's nickname if cancel is pressed
  - if blank nickname, type in ""
- now recognises more smileys: :> ;) ;( ;D ;P ;p :-) :-( :\ :/ :( =( :'(
- added an option where if your nickname is blank, it enables auto /me when the play window
  is loaded
- added an option for a beep to sound when an event happens in sleep mode
- fixed tabindexes on host game window (itll tab properly now =b)
- fixed tabindexes on game options window
- added an option for sleep mode to be activated on minimise (good idea heh)
- added an option to prompt for /join and /host commands
- moved frame in bug repot over a tad
- ggo now has the play window for an icon! its funky!!! it will do for now :)

What's new in build 103

- fixed font on autoupdate link (it's tahoma now, not ms sans serif)
- new statistics: word counts! default words to count: lol, hehe
- new statistic: word count (total)
- new statistic: character count (total)
- statistics box doesnt have nice background anymore, ill make a new one soon...
- on stats reset, the statistics box should refresh itself
- fixed bug where gm > change nickname couldnt make nickname ""...
- fixed bug where clicking sleep/notes would keep the button highlighted (duh me)
- multi whisper box is now movable! (use up, dn=down buttons on box)
- when changing colour, current colour is selected on dialog box (stupid control lol)
- added an option to prompt when nothing is found in a sheet (very annoying otherwise lol)
- prettified "nothing found" box
- added a tooltip to the pause button
- sheets now start in Windows Default positions (much better)
- programming! .. 'nuff said =b
- changed main window design a bit
  - debug buttons on main window are now disabled lol
  - treeview is a bit wider
- changenick command. syntax: /changenick|nickchange|change "oldnick" "newnick"
- a change colour command. syntax: /colour [red green blue|lngColour]
- cosmetic adjustments:
  - fixed tabindexes on join game
  - fixed tabindexes on host game
  - added & commands to join/host game
  - added & to discription in game options
  - added tooltips to most of the buttons on play window
- added tons and tons of stuff to the thanks to box (anyone i miss?)
- statistics window now has a copy to clipboard button
- when you change your username on main window, it now shows in status window
- if not in debug mode, text box on main window now says "not connected"
- fixed the world's stupidest bug (kill me damnit), where non-server gm's trying to save
  game changes wouldn't save
- fixed another stupid bug where non-server gm's saving would make the game name have "000's"
  in front of it
- two new smiley anti-cheat methods! top secret!
  - hint: if you do really bad things then you'll lose -10 smileys per line!
- main window is a tiny bit bigger by default
- put some long awaited error catching in ggo
- some nice error catching in the routines to join/host/offline a game
- skin implementation is too hard. screw that lol
- fixed a bug where clicking a dice when edit dice was on wouldn't reset focus to chat box
- made a new statistic background, it looks almost the same but it's bigger and funkier
- word statistics now look for: "word," "word." "word?" "word!" "word..." "word.." "word:"

What's new in build 104

- fixed anti-cheat bugs, smiley counting and word counting bugs (lol)
- increased maximum size of arguments in programming (now can have up to 60 arguments)
- made the message box for no generators prettier
- added new programming commands: Replace, StrReverse, Instr, Mid, Right, Left, Trim,
  RTrim, LTrim, Function, Sub
- added new programming functions: #space, #string
- programming functions!! very cool
- new element!! RichTextBox (13)
- users now have another place to load sheets - personal objects! (beta)
- keyboard multichat! woot
  - /multi nick1,user2,index3 message...
  - or, "/multiwhisper", "/multi", "/multimsg", "/msg2", "/msgm", "/mmsg"
- more smileys: :* =* (they're kisses =b)
- when character sheets unload, they now free up previously taken resources (good idea lol)
- option for seperate whisper windows! they're so damn kewl!
  - right click user in treeview > message window
- made treeview user menus look better (seperators)
- added icons to the "up" and "dn" on the multi whisper box :)

What's new in build 105

- fixed a bug for GM changing nickname wouldn't display properly
- fixed bugs for GM changing nickname wouldn't save properly on client computers
- fixed a bug where any whispering would give a "subscript out of range" error (d'oh me)
- fixed a bug where whitespace before "*start" or "*end" wouldnt be recognised
- message windows now save to chat log as "(whisper)  ..."
- fixed the bug where people connecting would see other people's Personal Objects (oops..)
- fixed a bug where loading onto Personal Objects would screw around
- at the same time hopefully fixed some bugs with loading objects
- fixed message window text box font to Tahoma
- made the multi whisper button 15 twips shorter (wow what a difference lol)
- added new programming commands: Chat, IsOnline, Val
- added a lot of documentation for formatting numbers/strings
- play window now has right clickable options!
- programming help is now in a seperate window
- programming help can now be RTF format, which will make for a muchly enjoyable
  help file :P
- programming text box made bigger
- 105b: fixed a bug with deleting personal objects things

What's new in build 106

- added new programming commands: Randomize, Int, Round, MinValue, MaxValue, SwitchString
- added new programming functions: #rnd, #int, #round, #minvalue, #maxvalue, #val, #iif
- programming #functions now take into account $variables, @variables and %variables
- DisplayText now works the same as StringAdd!
  - StringAdd $1 a b c / DisplayText $1 is now the same as DisplayText a b c! :)
- added the first ever easter egg! :D
- fixed the bug where having edit dice selected and losing gm would keep edit dice selected
  (thanks Zach!)
- fixed a bug where loading sheets into Personal objects would display "LOADED into
  Personal > etc" (very silly of me)
- fixed a bug where changing programming help into RTF and then back would make the font
  change sometimes drastically. it now goes to Tahoma 8pt by default.
- programming Math and Compare now use a common function, so you can do Math a = b = c
  and Compare a + b = c
- Compare now has an optional = for easier code
- added some very nice pretty documentation for Operators/Compare Summary in programming help
- fixed a bug where #rnd wouldn't generate a proper random number (damn Microsoft!)
- new feature: change element type. in offline mode, you can right click on an element in the
  treeview, and change the element type. (very experimental!)
- failed miserably at a bug fix for a huge bug. please note that personal objects are buggy at
  the moment and do not trust them for anything. lol
- 106b: tried fixing a bug with notes word wrapping

What's new in build 107

- NEW ROUTINE for elements and values. so, unfortunately, people with <107 can't play games
  at all with people with builds 107+.
- new routine is developmental and risky. it will be buggy =\
- fixed a bug with cut and pasting not actually... cutting it in the first place lol (very
  dumb bug)
- made the "done!" box on loading things prettier
- fixed a bug where pasting could cause an infinte loop (very funky solution)

What's new in build 108

- build 108 previously known as build 107 beta 2
- fixed very big bugs with new items not having values, therefore things wouldnt be saved
- fixed bugs with saving values sending incorrect save formats
- made converter to convert old ggo files (<107) to a compatible format. avaiable in the
  main menu
- notes now uses richtextboxes, no more file size limit on notes
- removed Command8 (libera editor) button from main window
- you can now change the notes font
- motd box is now white background
- ggo now distributes with .url file for home page
- 108b: fixed a bug with hosting giving a "type mismatch" error
- 108b: fixed a bug where disconnecting from the server would cause some errors
- 108b: host and show game windows now display "not connected" text when not connected to
  the gameserver
- 108b: rearranged the join game window
- 108b: new option, show time on server messages (ie. "[10:51] Connected.")
- 108c: rearranged join game window again
- 108c: fixed a bug where converter would say "this is not a file!"
- 108c: fixed a bug (hack) to stop "subscript out of range" errors when loading/deleting
- 108c: added more libera commands

What's new in build 109

- build 109 also known as build 108d
- fixed the hosting on client join game freeze
- can't find renaming bug or making changes doesnt show bug o_O
- ggo is more stable around read only files now
- libera editor now starts in center of screen
- fixed tooltip in libera editor blank icon
- ggo can now display status when loading sheets
- sheet loading status configuration available in options
- convert: fixed bug where trying to convert an already converted file would screw things up
- convert: it now only makes a backup when things are actually written
- convert: added option to save a copy instead of overwriting the original file
- added more libera editor commands

What's new in build 110

- fixed spelling mistakes in libera editor
- when listening/connecting/offline, it now disconnects all users before performing another
- removed "thanks to" dialog box
- convert: fixed bug where saving to another location would change checkbox caption and not
  the textbox caption (d'oh)

What's new in build 112

(Version 1.0, released 1 February 2002)
- added nice pretty water picture to main play window
- rearranged main window
- new function: clear objects list. works on personal objects and also normal objects
  in offline mode (right click > clear)
- fixed a bug where GM changing nickname would bring up a stray message box
- added icons to *all* forms
- fixed tabindexes on *all* forms
- added button cancel properties on *all* forms
- options to change play window background and foreground colours
- fixed a bug where server disconnecting from a game would try to make the clients send
  game information to non-existant clients
- when the server disconnects from a game, a notification now displays
- fixed very stupid bug where message windows (which are funky) wouldnt work
- moved autoupdate labels up 1 pixel
- fixed a bug where server reconnecting wouldnt resend game description
- known bug: when server reconnecting, previous game users aren't saved again

What's new in build 113

(Version 1.0a, unreleased)
- fixed bug where right click treeview notes > open wouldnt work
- new option: sleep mode number of flashes, the number of times the title bar
  flashes. default is 25
- right click user in treeview > make gm
- make gm keyboard command, /gm , alias /makegm
- fixed a bug where in high stresses, chatted text would remain in text box for
  some time before being properly deleted
- fixed a bug where message window messages wouldnt go to people other than the
- fixed a bug with the server's name being changed not display properly (i hope
  it works)
- new right click menu for the play window chat box
  - copy: copies selected text or all text
  - select all: selects all of the text
  - clear: clears the text box (for unpaused chat only)
  - save to: saves all text to a file
- can now message to gm by "/msg gm "
- dice now can have exponentials
- dice now support decimals!
- play sound code included, however no sound events loaded yet

What's new in build 114

(Version 1.0b, unreleased)
- support for registered usernames! very nice indeed

What's new in build 115

(Version 1.0c, unreleased)
- fixed a bug where reg usernames wouldnt display properly in status box when
- errors in SendToAll not displaying precise enough info has been enhanced
- error 40006's now display a different error message
- ignore empty chat is now enabled by default
- activate sleep mode on minimise is now enabled by default
- dice now ignore if dice macro is blank, ie ""
- chat now takes :'( as a chat not an action
- fixed notes drag-droppable problems (it shouldn't be drag droppable, yet)
- attempted a hack fix for bugs with personal object status showing in event
  history box thing (untested unfortunately)
- fixed (i think) windows XP character sheet resizing bugs
- right click objects > clear now asks for confirmation (very good idea)
- changed message when trying to load sheet as also if not ggo sheet
- when joining/hosting/people join, it now says messages that are more useful
- when client, whispering now uses your colour and not colour of the server
- right click user > information now shows more user information
- right click user > information now displays when the user joined the game
- new chat command: /offline - goes into offline mode
- added "Information" button for registered usernames
- added tooltips to buttons for registered usernames in settings
- saved character sheets now have extension ".ggo" instead of ".txt"
- new load/save file filters
- added option to select whether to have old or new style file filters
  - choose between old/new load and old/new save file filters
- convert: now has the new file filters too
- convert: fixed bug where if filename was blank, it would crash
- rearranged settings frames order
- new option: clear event history box on new game
- new statistic: longest played game! very nice :)
- added comment/trademark info to GGO .exe file (to show in XP tiles)
- fixed message window resizing bugs (how many more are there to fix!?)
- the smiley stats can now have the smileys customised
- main window now has the motd textbox locked so you can't edit it lol
- you can now change a lot more chat display options
- more presets loaded, more items can be placed in chat displays
- better documentation, button added to display documentation
- added pretty icons to chat display buttons
- fixed bug: richtextbox element now has scrollbars (they appear when you
  enter in a lot of text)
- columns and tabbers now show only new > sheet (but this is an option)
- fixed bug where nothing in a column would spit out a billion errors
- hopefully fixed bugs with moving elements up/down (fixed two things)
- fixed display bugs when multi messaging to one person
- when multi messaging to just self, it doesnt say msg to yourself and
  msg to 1 people
- it now comes with a help file for first time users and help! its a very
  small help file but i hope it helps :)
- convert: fixed a bug where if save backup and save copy to were selected,
  it would delete the original and only have backup and converted copy
- new option: change the background of the chat text box
- new element: initiative! functionally same as dice but allows for initiative
  rounds (noted below)
- initiative rounds! applies to all initiative elements
- settings now saved as settings.ini (will load old settings.txt file if
- included a fair amount of sample character sheets (in /samples)
- fixed a bug in the installer where uninstall wouldnt remove a file
- a better uninstaller (asks if you want to remove personal settings too)

What's new in build 116

(Version 1.01, released 19 February 2002)
- fixed a few bugs with initiative rounds
- fixed possible flaws in dice code
- added documentation about initiative element in help file
- fixed a bug where /makegm would kill yourself
- fixed a bug where game host actions wouldnt display
- fixed bugs where /makegm wouldnt account for yourself

What's new in build 119

(Version 1.01b, released 21 February 2002)
- fixed a bug where /gm  would crash yourself
- fixed a bug where New > item wouldn't display properly in event status
- fixed a bug where /msg gm would come up as (you whispered to) gm etc

What's new in build 120

(Version 1.02, released 2 March 2002)
- right click objects/personal > new no longer shows uninitialised unless
  in debug mode
- fixed bug in sleep mode where incorrect # of characters would be noted
- fixed BIG bug where server moving up/down elements would screw around
- fixed bug where if move up/down data was sent but couldnt be moved it
  wouldnt screw around either
- joining games now display how many elements are to be loaded
- fixed a possible bug with an "out of stack space" error
- played around a bit with the resizing character sheets code
- fixed bug where frames would still draw labels (when they weren't needed)
- new dice mode: "t" (trinary). rolling "ytx" rolls (-x < n < x) y times
- new dice mode: "s" (success). roll "(number)s(value1)[(condition)(value2)]".
  condition can be >, < or =; it checks 1d(value1) versus (value2) and
  returns 1 if true, 0 if false
- new dice mode: "p" (special). roll "(number)p(value)[(dice)]". if roll
  gives value, (dice) is rolled as well and added to the result 
- when 'n' is called without ubound of 1, warning isnt displayed unless in
  debug mode
- fixed bug where going into display chat reference with settings box modal
  would crash program
- bug/query now includes build version number with submissions
- new dice functions: \ (integer division) and % (remainder division)
- new chat command: /dice - functions the same as a normal dice roll
- added help file topic about dice and their functions

What's new in build 121

- new dice mode: "r" (remove). removes n highest/lowest values from a roll

What's new in build 122

- fixed bug where saving a sheet with no changes would kill anyone elses

What's new in build 123

- fixed the BIG bug where Initiative elements wouldn't display at all (how
  did this get past me? HOW??)
  - big thanks to Sean!
- offline mode change to now has initiative listed

What's new in build 124

- /kick command - /kick (username|index) [reason..]
- programming: SheetGet now works
- programming: SheetPut now works
- programming: SheetPut/SheetShow now display an error if the sheet doesn't exist
- programming: Chat now works the same as DisplayText, it adds all arguments up
- new dice expressions: & (and), | (or)... eg. 1|0 = 1, 5&0 = 0
- fixed bug where loading elements would count Personal elements as well (i think)

What's new in build 126

- A "Forums" button, which goes to
- Default server is now "" (dns2go starts charging!)
Jevon Wright