Having problems running GGO in Windows XP?
I have got a few reports of GGO not working too well in Windows XP. Specifically, they have said that, although they have downloaded the required files and they are in the GGO directory, it's still saying that they're out of date.

The following instructions are an indication of what will, generally, always work if you are getting this problem. Please make sure to backup everything you change. I am not responsible in any way for the actions you do.

  • Copy the file that is causing you troubles to your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory. If a file exists there already, make a backup of it before overwriting it.

  • Open up a command prompt, by doing one of these two:
    • Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
    • Start > Run... and type in "cmd"

  • Type in cd C:\Windows\System32 and press enter.

  • Type in:
    regsvr32 <nameoffile.ocx>
    and press enter. For example, if the file "MSWINSCK.OCX" is giving you trouble, you would enter in "regsvr32 mswinsck.ocx".

  • A message box should appear saying that DLLRegisterServer completed successfully (or something like that).

  • Try running GGO again. It might say that another file is missing; or it may work after that. :)

Any questions? E-mail me

Jevon Wright